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Healthcare expenses can be difficult to manage at any age. More recently, millennials have been ditching the doctor and diagnosing any symptoms or illnesses they may have themselves. A shocking statistic that has emerged in a new study suggests that over 45% of millennials neglect their health issues mainly due to the costs of deductibles and copays. In a survey done by an insurance company over 80  percent of millennials found themselves to be in good health however less than 70 percent had a primary care physician compared to over 90 percent of generation X. Health care costs can actually become considerably higher if preventative maintenance or treatment of acute onset symptoms are not done as some conditions can progress to more serious ones. Here’s why you need to start investing in your health.

Millennials as a whole are a physically healthier group of people when compared to generation X due to their age bracket, as such the group would have less chronic conditions which are developed over time. At the same time, Millennials tend to be more stressed, are less likely to eat healthy or have good sleeping habits. As such neglecting one’s health will lead to a higher percentage of millennials to have chronic conditions. 

Extend your life expectancy: 

Most people would like to extend their life expectancy for various different reasons. One key component to achieving a longer life expectancy is to monitor your health and allow a healthcare professional to diagnose any symptoms that you may be having.  Periodic visits every 6 months-1 year to check your physical health, performing blood work deemed necessary by your provider, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle can help avoid future costs of medications, surgeries, invasive procedures, and so on. 

Prevent diseases and other illnesses: 

Having routine checkups and examinations are crucial to maintaining good health. Medical advancements have allowed healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat conditions earlier to prevent progression.