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People experience burnout typically from working too hard and exhausting their energy. One may find that they are pushing themselves a bit too hard by trying to cram in extra hours at work or finish several projects within a short period. Burnout and exhaustion have adverse effects on both one’s physical health and mental health. For example, burnout can cause tension within the muscles, which can compromise one’s immune system and increase psychological stress. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce burnout and the effects of burnout by doing some of the following:

Don’t Spread Yourself Thin
One primary reason that people become incredibly exhausted is that they try to do everything by themselves or take on a heavy workload given little time. People should be mindful of the time that they are spending on their work hours. Thus, an individual should never exceed their limits when it starts becoming detrimental to them.

Avoid Multitasking
There is often a misconception when it comes to multitasking. In all actuality, when people try to take on several projects, they aren’t necessarily multitasking. Typically, attention alternates from one specific task or another in intervals. However, most tasks are often not executed simultaneously. Trying to multitask can lead to an overall more inferior quality of work and mental burnout. So, one should take one project or task at a time before moving onto the next or at least separate different elements of their work.

Take Breaks
Breaks are essential for recuperation. If peoples’ computers get the opportunity to sleep and reboot, then why can’t they. Work can wait when it comes to a person’s health and wellbeing. Taking breaks allows one to pace themselves and rest their brain a little bit. Stepping away from a project or work can give one the adequate space they need to think clearer. Sometimes when people spend hours on a task, they may lose interest or not be as energetic. Breaks provide an intermission and an opportunity for individuals to contribute fresher and newer ideas to their work.

Refill Your Cup
Overworking almost always leads to burnout as it is a very draining process. Therefore, one should look for hobbies or passions that replenish and refills their cup. Hobbies include anything that provides them with joy and fulfillment. Some hobbies consist of playing sports, going for a hike, spending quality time with family practicing yoga, or meditating. Meditation proves to be very relaxing and effective in combating burnout.